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Choosing to sell or buy a farm is a major decision with a lot of moving parts. Every farm and every farm family are unique. With extensive experience in Agriculture, Banking and Real Estate, we have the expertise and the connections needed to guide you through every step of the process. 

Why Choose Us

  • Amy's a Dairy Farmer and past Ag Banker
  • Marleen's specialized in Ag Realty for 20+yrs

20+ Years

No competitor can match our Teams experience. For more than 20 years, Marleen has honed her skills in Real Estate, demonstrating exceptional knowledge and Negotiation Skills. Meanwhile, her business partner Amy, who runs a dairy farm, brings 17 years of Ag Banking experience to the team.

Farms for Sale

“What's the best decision for you?”

Making challenging decisions should never be made alone. It’s important to have the tools, strategies and knowledge to prepare yourself before considering selling or buying a Farm. You want someone who will ensure that your best interests are met, is respectful, and will provide you with the utmost honest feedback.

Farm Buyers Advice

Buying with the right agent is about entrusting that this person understands your needs, the process, and your ultimate goal. Understanding a farms’ financial capabilities and what you can afford are key to finding your dream farm, we can help.

Farm Sellers Advice

Choosing to sell a farm is often a once in a lifetime decision. With it, comes a roller coaster of emotions. It’s always important to keep the end goal in mind, because the process itself can have its’ challenges. You want to work with someone with extensive experience with these complicated transactions.

What our clients say

Listing our 4th generation dairy farm was an enormous decision on our part. We couldn't have gone through the 10 month process with such ease without you, Marleen. Your availability, your friendliness, your professionalism towards us and the overall job you did was superb!  Thanks a million...we mean $xxxxxxx millions!

-Jean-Guy, Gilles and Leo Arsenault

What our clients say

"These two are the full package!! The knowledge AND experience in agricultural real estate, financing and farming makes Marleen and Amy the best in the business. We knew from the beginning that having them in our corner meant we were going to come out on top when it came to selling our farm and we were right! They handled the logistics of our sale professionally while still respecting our wishes. It was an incredibly positive experience and would recommend their service to anyone!"

-Will and Sarah Blauwendraat

What our clients say

Marleen Wolfe ultimately exceeded my expectations and provided valuable assistance in selling our milk quota. She not only sold the quota for a higher price, but also ensured the continued operation of another dairy farm in New Brunswick which was very important to me. Marleen is very knowledgeable in agriculture and business. She dealt with all the details of the sale with the lawyers and financial professionals while I continued to farm. I am more than satisfied with the results she delivered!

-Hubert Duivenvoorden