Selling Advice

Selling a farm takes knowing the market, how to price your farm right and who is Buying. Below are a few tips to help streamline the process.

It’s a Seller’s market, what does that mean to you? It means there are more Buyers than there are Sellers. Let us get you what your farm is truly worth!

Deciding to sell your farm is the hard part. You have probably pondered this decision for a very long time. We have been doing this since 2000 and have the right tools, selling expertise and knowledge to match your farm with the right Buyer. We have buyers in Canada and throughout Europe waiting to find the right farm for them, maybe it’s your farm. 

Listing your farm with All Farms Realty means you have worldwide exposure. We can assist you with your Lawyer and Accountant to determine how best to sell your farm for the most money, and pay the least amount of tax. Whether you’re selling Shares or Assets, we are well versed in the process.. Call us, let’s explore your possibilities together. No pressure, no obligation. 

We will work with you every step of the way! Our combination of first-hand agriculture knowledge and experience will ensure your farm will sell for the highest price possible and in the shortest period of time.

Pricing Your Farm

When you consider it, at any given time there are several farms for sale competing with your farm. That said, no two farms are the same & value can vary widely for many reasons including; location, size, and the state of infrastructure. 

Through comparative Market Analysis, we can evaluate farms similar to yours that have recently sold in the Maritimes and compare it to farms currently for sale.  This will give you a better idea of your farms market value, which is one of the first- and essential!-  steps as you prepare to sell your farm.  We make the process easy and our meetings are 100% confidential

Pre-Qualified Buyers

You're busy farming, so we take the time to pre-qualifying prospective buyers to ensure that we show them farms within their budget.